Sewage Treatment Plant

Importance of STP in our Society

Importance of Sewage Treatment Plant in our society

Treatment of sewage is essential to ensure that the receiving water into which the effluent is ultimately discharged is not significantly polluted. However, the degree of treatment required will vary according to the type of receiving water. Thus, a very high degree of treatment will be required if the effluent discharges to a fishery or upstream of an abstraction point for water supply.

In many developing countries, the bulk of domestic and industrial wastewater is discharged without any treatment or after primary treatment only.

To care our environment and thus for our health we should keep our water clean. Domestic water treatment removes physical, chemical and biological contaminants from wastewater.

Treatment of wastewater by a physical or chemical process involving settlement of suspended solids, or other process in which the BOD of the incoming wastewater is reduced by at least 20% before discharge&total suspended solids are also reduced by at least 50%.

Water Before and After our treatment

Some features of our Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Quality of water: We offer a guaranteed effluent quality level, which normally meets the standards required by the Pollution Control Board.
  • Noiseless & Odorless Operation: Our better-engineered sewage treatment plants offer many benefits, one of which is virtually silent operation. With one of these installed, you should not be aware of your sewage treatment plant & also our sewage treatment plants do not produce offensive odours.
  • Foot print: Our most modern sewage treatment plants require only small foot prints.
  • Cost Effective: Our plants are of low operating and low running costs throughout their lifetime.
  • Batch process Operation: Our sewage treatment plant can be shut down and restarted as required according to the quantity of effluent, which helps in less consumption of electricity.

Our Solutions

We have expertise in the following Sewage Treatment Technologies:

Our Service

We offer latest technological Sewage Treatment Plants cater in diversified areas such as Residential Complexes, Hospitals, Schools & Institutions, Hotels & Resorts and more to name.

We look forward to have an opportunity to serve and assure you of our best attention at all time.